"... To lead Christians of all generations into the Spirit-filled and Spirit-led life." 

Therefore, we will accomplish this assignment through :

  • Discipleship - fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment
  • Becoming Mature - through the use of spiritual disciplines, healing and submission
  • Developing Leaders - fulfilling the deeper call to become sons and daughters of God in Christ. Small groups are central to accomplishing these strengths and values

We are people who are :

  • Building a biblical worldview, values and our knowledge of the word
  • Fostering personal relationships in family, the community and with God
  • Pursuing healing, wholeness and restoration
  • Learning to lead others well
  • Encouraging encounters with God through praise, worship and prayer
  • Becoming sensitive and open to being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit daily
  • Generating a culture of generosity through giving : from finances to acts of service