The River has a rich history in the area of missions. For years we had our hand in the country of Guatemala. The church sent and supported full time missionaries and provided short term missions, as well. Our prime focus was the children of Guatemala, putting a huge deposit in the building of orphanages and children's houses. Education, medical care, the gospel and most of all love were included in these efforts. We are currently pouring our mission heart into the continent of Africa. Our primary focus there has been giving support to Pastors Peter and Grace Zhangazha, of Christian Light Ministries Church located in Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe.                                                 Our church has sent short term missionaries as well as given financial support in a number of areas. Some of these include material goods and needs along with medical and dental assistance. Perhaps the greatest area of impact is being the primary financial source of the building of their new church. It has been a long journey but we can see the finish line now. They have never had a building for church before and we are excited to be near the completion of this project. The River also gives monthly financial support to 17 pastors of smaller churches under Pastor Peter's church covering/network. Watch the video below to see the building of the "African Church " thus far.


                                                                                                                  Breaking News! The 12 year journey of helping Pastors Peter and Grace Zhangazha build their first ever church building has come to fruition. Christian Light Ministries is located in Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe in Africa. There was a celebration/dedication on Sunday, July 9th in their newly completed building. The River sent members of the Church Board along with some from their families to participate in the celebration. This is a very exciting moment in our missions history at the River.